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When Family Meetings are Appropriate

No one wants to get old and not be able to perform even the easiest of tasks.  It can be hard on other family members too. That’s where setting up a family meeting can be a great help. It won’t be easy, but gathering together and discussing the situation at hand, as well as coming up with a game plan for handling certain situations will help ease the mental and emotional burden—not only of the loved one themselves, but of the family as a whole. Plus, a family meeting allows each person to know where the others stand and what their thoughts and feelings are on different situations, and it can diffuse any tension that might be brewing. It is also vital to include the elder themselves. If the topic of conversation is about them, they should be able to voice their own thoughts and feelings too, and they certainly have a right to do that.

All in all, a family meeting on the subject of an elderly loved one may not be the most optimistic thing to have, but having them in intervals can be very beneficial in the long-term–both for the elderly individual and the family unit as a whole.


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