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What Are the Different Types of Abuse?

Our lawyers are investigating potential lawsuits for nursing home residents who suffered from the following types of abuse:

Physical Abuse: Battery, force-feeding, overmedication, excessive physical/chemical restraints.

Emotional Abuse: Verbal insults, isolation, manipulation (like withholding care to force compliance), and threats to stay quiet about the abuse. Signs include withdrawal, mood swings, and depression.

Sexual Abuse: Unwanted sexual contact, taking advantage of incapacitated residents. Perpetrators can be staff, other residents, or visitors.

Financial Abuse: Misusing a resident’s funds/assets for personal benefit, like cashing checks without consent or exploiting power of attorney.

Neglect: Failure to provide proper care like hygiene assistance, food/shelter, medical treatment, safe conditions.

Gathering evidence early is crucial for building a strong nursing home abuse case. The mistreatment of vulnerable residents in care facilities is unacceptable.