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Other New Jersey Intestate Succession Rules

Here are a few things you ought to know about rules of succession if you die intestate.

  • Survivorship period. In order to inherit property or shares under New Jersey’s intestate succession laws, an individual has to outlive you by 120 hours. For example, if you have a car accident and your sibling is with you, and he or she passes away a few hours after you, his or her estate would not get any of your property.
  • Half-relatives. Any half-relatives you have inherit property the same way they would if they were considered “whole” relatives. So, your sister, who has the same father as you (but not the same mother), would have the same right to your property as she would if you had both of your parents in common with each other.
  • Posthumous relatives. Relatives who were conceived before—but born after—you died, would inherit the same as if they had been born while you were living, so long as they survive a minimum of 120 hours after birth.
  • Immigration status. Any relatives you have who are entitled to an intestate share in your property will get it whether or not they are citizens or even legally in the country.

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