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Counterfeit Prescription Drugs

Obtaining medical prescriptions online has become increasingly easy and prevalent. Savvy shoppers are learning to do their due diligence and research rather than just fill prescriptions at their local pharmacy. Many online retailers offer greater discounts in bulk amounts with expedited ease. However, there is a sordid side to getting online prescriptions filled. There is a high incidence of counterfeit prescription drugs being made and used to fill every day orders. This is a very common scam that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is tracking.

Besides the danger of ingesting something harmful or NOT ingesting the medicine you really need, you are now transmitting your financial information to online con artists. We highly recommend you always verify that you are using approved vendors for medical and financial purchases.

For information on this and many other types of scams targeting the elderly, be sure to check out the Resources page for a free download of our book, Senior Shakedown: The Unknown Dangers of Getting Old, and How to Protect Your Loved Ones.

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