Other names on your home title other than you and/or your spouse

When a married couple applies for Medicaid, assets are either exempt or countable towards the Medicaid eligibility limit. Exempt assets usually include the residence, when a spouse or certain other family members are living there, one automobile, furniture, clothing, etc., Typically, when one spouse is in a nursing home and the other spouse is living […]

Medicaid impoverishment rules

Medicaid is a joint federal and state program that provides health coverage for certain eligible persons who have low incomes and minimal assets. Medicaid is not to be confused with Medicare which is an entitlement program for those aged 65 or over, those on disability, or those with kidney failure, among other things. Medicare is […]

How to Set Up a Funeral Trust

There are multiple ways a funeral trust may be set up: It may be set up directly through the funeral services provider. You can find someone who deals with funeral trusts specifically via the Internet to walk you through the process. Funeral trusts are also sold through insurance companies, and any such trusts are normally […]

Advantages and Disadvantages of a Funeral Trust

As we begin to age, there are many significant decisions to consider. A funeral trust is one of many choices you should make in advance with the assistance of professionals and loved ones. A funeral trust is a contract you create with a provider of a funeral home or burial services. Advantages If you already […]

What Expenses Are Paid For By a Funeral Trust?

The following expenses are paid for via a Funeral Trust: Basic Services of Funeral Director and Staff Other Professional Services Embalming Other Care of Deceased Funeral Home Facilities and/or Staff Services Casket Cemetery Charges Cemetery and Burial Plot Other Funeral Merchandise You can read more about Medicaid Funeral Trusts here. If you or someone you […]

What is a Medicaid Funeral Trust?

It is possible that, in your search for answers to questions regarding Medicaid, you may have seen the term Medicaid Funeral Trust come up at some point. But what exactly is a Medicaid Funeral Trust? The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) defines a funeral trust simply as a fund of pooled income that is set up […]