When Family Meetings are Appropriate

No one wants to get old and not be able to perform even the easiest of tasks.  It can be hard on other family members too. That’s where setting up a family meeting can be a great help. It won’t be easy, but gathering together and discussing the situation at hand, as well as coming […]

Creating a Life Resource Plan

One of the many things that the Elder Law professionals at Scott Counsel specialize in is the creation of what’s known as a Life Resource Plan. But what is a Life Resource Plan? Simply put, it works to define, organize, prioritize and mobilize every single aspect for care for a loved one. That means that […]

What is an Adult Day Care Program?

We’ve all heard and probably made use of day care for children at some point in our lives, but something that is likely unfamiliar to us is the concept of Adult Day Care. It’s a real thing, and just like regular day care does for our children, Adult Day Care allows older adults in our […]

Cost of Care—Who’s Responsible?

Getting older brings with it a host of not only problems, but questions too. Where do I turn for help? How much is this going to cost? Who’s paying for it? The truth is that there are laws in place that are called filial laws. They state that the adult children are responsible for the […]

Advance Directives, The Living Will

You might know an advance directive by one of its other names, a living will. And what it does is it allows you to make your wishes known in regard to your medical treatment at such a time that you are unable to communicate those wishes on your own. However, before the advance directive can […]