MAID: Assisted Suicide or Death with Dignity?

For supporters of MAID, allowing terminally ill patients the choice to have “death with dignity” is the humane and compassionate thing to do. On the other hand, some medical professionals view participation in MAID as a violation of their ethical responsibility to “do no harm.” On April 12, 2019,  Governor Murphy of New Jersey signed into […]

Other names on your home title other than you and/or your spouse

When a married couple applies for Medicaid, assets are either exempt or countable towards the Medicaid eligibility limit. Exempt assets usually include the residence, when a spouse or certain other family members are living there, one automobile, furniture, clothing, etc., Typically, when one spouse is in a nursing home and the other spouse is living […]

Possible agent orange claim

Agent Orange was an herbicide used to clear plants and trees during the Vietnam War Era. Agent Orange was also used near the Korean DMZ and in certain related jobs during the Vietnam War era. Veterans who were exposed to Agent Orange and have developed a medical issue that is on the VA list of […]

Possibly Increasing Your VA Pension or Benefit

You may have heard of “improved pension”, “VA assisted living benefit”, or “veterans elder care benefits” that can be used to increase your pension. These are each names for the Aid and Attendance benefit that we discuss in detail in a separate article. In short, Aid and Attendance is a financial benefit that can help […]

Nontaxable VA aid and attendance pension

Aid and Attendance is also referred to as “improved pension”, “veterans elder care benefits”, and “VA assisted living benefit”. Each of these terms typically refers to the “Aid and Attendance benefit.” Aid and Attendance is a government benefit for veterans and their spouses who require assistance from another person in order to perform routine daily […]