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Nontaxable VA aid and attendance pension

Aid and Attendance is also referred to as “improved pension”, “veterans elder care benefits”, and “VA assisted living benefit”. Each of these terms typically refers to the “Aid and Attendance benefit.”

Aid and Attendance is a government benefit for veterans and their spouses who require assistance from another person in order to perform routine daily activities. These activities may include eating, bathing, dressing, grooming, medication or assistance with adjusting prosthetics, among other things. Aid and Attendance is only available to those who are eligible for or who have a VA pension.

If you qualify, Aid and Attendance will provide monetary compensation in addition to your standard VA pension benefits. These benefits are meant to help cover the financial cost of having someone to assist with your routine daily living activities. The benefit may be used to help cover the costs of assistance in routine daily living activities for veterans who are in-home and those that may be in a facility.

To receive this nontaxable benefit, there are specific eligibility and financial requirements that must be met. If you think you may qualify, then talk to an elder law and VA attorney in order to explore your eligibility.